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Smart city

Typically located in the outskirts of greater urban centres, smart city developments can hold from 1,000 up to 3,000 housing units – with each unit measuring between 45 and 60 square metres. Projects use sustainable models based on innovative approaches and economies of scale to transform the ordinary into future-proof housing.

Our smart cities are usually greenfield projects built from the ground up, which allows us to implement smart solutions in conjunction with sustainable urban planning practices. Technology helps us to improve quality of life and create places that are more economically, socially and environmentally sustainable for everyone.

Smart City Laguna Smart City Natal Smart City Aquiraz Smart City Bahia Life Republic
Smart City
Smart city projects are built from the ground up, enabling us to implement smart solutions alongside sustainable urban planning practices

Smart district

Typically located on the outskirts of urban centres, smart districts hold from 500 up to 1,000 housing units, with each unit measuring between 35 and 50 square metres. We facilitate responsive homes where citizens can manage and communicate with appliances and devices, customise their environment, conserve vital resources, and improve their quality of life.

Our multi-disciplinary experts integrate smart solutions, including digital services and social innovation programmes, according to the specific needs and desires of residents and the community.

Quartiere Giardino REDO SeiMilano Viva!Smart
REDO in Milan, Italy – a smart district where we provide advisory services on smart solutions integration to improve quality of life

Smart building

Halfway between a hotel and a standard home, smart buildings consist of between 150 and 400 housing units in central positions within the world’s cities, with the average stay for residents being between six months and two years. The developments offer both private and shared housing solutions – from rooms and studios to apartments and additional spaces for work-oriented services, such as co-working areas, meeting rooms and laboratories.

There are also spaces for socialising and building collaborative networks, including shared lounges, kitchens and a library. Residents enjoy an affordable, compact space with essentials such as a fridge and microwave to maximise comfort and privacy. Meanwhile, the majority of their time is spent utilising shared spaces across the complex.

Aquarela Bela Vista
Smart building
Smart buildings offer compact, short term accommodation, with a focus on shared community spaces