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Young people meeting in Laguna
Combining digital technologies with social innovation and services, we transform affordable housing across the world

We design and build smart, affordable neighbourhoods that provide more than just roofs over heads

Embracing digital transformation, Planet Smart City places residents at the heart of its activities. Our smart, sustainable and socially inclusive communities are supported by the unrivalled services of the Planet App, our proprietary digital platform which enables residents to access services and engage with each other and the neighbourhood around them.

Smart City Laguna

The global leader in smart affordable housing, we tackle the global housing deficit and also work in partnership with developers worldwide to revitalise existing communities through smart technologies. We transfer our unique expertise globally whilst always catering to local cultures’ specific needs.

Planet Smart City was founded in 2015 by Italian real estate experts, Giovanni Savio and Susanna Marchionni, and is chaired by physicist and entrepreneur, Stefano Buono. Our headquarters are located in the UK and we have offices in Brazil, India and Italy.

We apply our expertise in smart solutions integration, digital services and social innovation to enhance citizens’ quality of life

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People in Smart City Laguna
Young people in Smart City Laguna, the world’s first affordable smart city currently under construction in Ceará, Brazil

We believe everyone has the right to live in a community supported by resilient infrastructure, technology, social innovation and services